Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pre-K Pride

Several weeks ago, the Salad's school had parent/teacher conferences.  We got good reviews on all 3, though with a mention that Ms. Robyn still finds S staring longingly at the picture of R and I that she keeps in her back pack and tells her that "she likes school, but she'd rather be at home with Mommy."

I mentioned to Ms. Robyn my only concern was that I have heard from A that there are several little girls who are very exclusionary in their play.  They will only let 3 girls play.  No boys allowed.  You can't play with us today kind of play. 

We have a strict "You can't say you can't play" rule in our house.  Everyone who wants to play, gets to play.  If there is an argument about what to play, I still give them words to find a compromise.  When A comes home telling me these stories, we play act what she should say the next time. 

This hard, awkward work seems to be paying off, because Ms. Robyn paid R and I the highest compliment.  She said she knew just who the girls were.  She said they have been working with the whole class on "filling up each other's hearts."  She said she was particularly sad that A felt that way, because she uses A as an example to the other kids.  She told us that A uses the right words, "compromise" and "include".  That she's a positive leader in the class.

I couldn't have been more proud. 

Keep up the good work, sweet girl.  

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