Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wasting Time

The first 5 years of my Salad's life were busy.  Busy in the sense that I kept the 4 of us busy.  I filled our days with playdates and field trips and adventures.  But even with all that, we had time to fill.  Hours that I didn't want to spend sitting in front of the TV or tearing up the house.  So sometimes . . . I'd waste time.  I'd drive past the "ladybug car" at the church up the street, we would drive home the long way so M could check the progress on house that was being built, we'd look up why electric trains can run in the rain without it being dangerous, we'd stop by the SPCA during an errand day, or walk to the pet store after we picked up the dry cleaning, or chased trolleys down State Street.  I loved those days. 

Now though, I don't have a second to waste.  We'll still do many of those things, though regrettably, I feel like I'm rushing through them, through life.  Always rushing, so sometimes I don't let us walk to the pet store and I drive home the shortest route. 

So here is my pledge to my Salad and myself - we will waste more time.  We will slow down.  Use our imaginations.  Tickle.  Cuddle.  Draw.  Listen to more music.  This summer, we'll swim.  We'll skip rocks.  We'll skip baths

I want to love these days, too.

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  1. Hope your summer is going just as you hoped :)