Sunday, May 10, 2009

Memory Part Deux

This morning when I was in our laundry room, sorting through wash, I listened to R playing with the Salad. They were screaming and laughing. He was hiding them behind his back and pretending not to see them. Suddenly I heard A shout, "Has anybody seen A?" She speaks so well and her vocabulary and fluidity grow leaps and bounds every day. Seriously. Every day.

I thought about a car ride the 5 of us took a couple of months ago and how much more confidently she uses words now. During our trip, A painstakingly unbuttoned every single snap on her floral pink and brown pants. Then hiked up her bright pink socks to her knees so she looked like a field hockey player. She shrieked with delight “Yeah! Me did it!” She said each word like it was it’s own sentence. Wanting to make sure her mouth got each new word just right. “Yeah! Me. Did. It.” So succinct. So perfect.

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