Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sadly, it's true.

'Twas the last week in April, a rainy, cold day.

Three small children were left all alone to play.

They ran down the hall, shrieking with glee.

“Suddenly it’s too quiet,” I thought with worry.

The children were huddled, studying my door.

Diapers were off, pants on the floor.

I walk up the steps, coffee and bagel in hand,

”What are you looking at?” I loudly demand.

When up from the door, there arose such a smell,

I took a step back. “What is that?” I yell.

Down to the floor my bagel I threw,

Put down my coffee, there was trouble, I knew.

The hallway was silent, I looked all around,

First I looked up, and then I looked down.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

a door smeared with poo! 6 eyes full of fear.

”Who did this?” I say,

Each child looked away.

"She did!” “He did!” “She did!” I hear.

”Turn around then,” I shout, “I look at your rears!”

”Oh Anna, Sophia, and little boy Matty;

Wait till I call to tell your daddy!”

”Matty, we’ll have to give you a bath”

Sophia smiled coyly and let out a laugh.

Thinking she’d gotten away with it all,

She ran away, ran away, ran away down the hall!

I took off in a moment, a 10 foot dash,

Fueled by confusion, I caught up in a flash.

She held up her right hand, it smelled just like poo.

She held up her left hand, that one smelled too.

”How did this get here, what did you do?

We don’t play with anyone’s Number 2!”

Off to the bathtub, all four of us flew.

Scrubbed fingers and bottoms till they smelled just like new.

Now for the door, but wait there’s the phone.

“Wait till daddy hears what you’ve done!”

Silent he was, as I recounted my story,

3 toddlers and poo, in all of its glory.

He tried to hold his hearty laughter in,

I could hear it through the phone, a Cheshire’s grin.

Chuckling and chortling, like a jolly old elf!

And I laughed when I heard him, in spite of myself;

I heard him exclaim, “What else can you do

When faced with a door, 3 toddlers and poo!”

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  1. wow...YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!! I'm sorry you had deal with poo but still...poems about poo are funny! Kiss the salad for Bella!