Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks, where Thanks is due

I have been missing in action for a while now. My creativity stifled by a broken computer and shoddy Internet service on an ancient laptop. And so there will be no pictures. Sad day, I know.

I wanted to come and say some words of thanks, though. 2 days after Thanksgiving, but these are things I'm thankful for always, so today will do just fine . . .

I am thankful for a husband who rarely sweats the small stuff.

I am thankful for a daughter who embraces her role as protective big sister, even if older only by 1 minute.

I am thankful for a son who always wakes up with a huge smile on his face and with hugs for his sisters, as though it's been years since their last visit.

I am thankful for my sweet baby S, who gently reminds me to "be nice, momma" when I begin to lose my patience.

I am thankful for a mother who still will drop everything to make me homemade lentil soup when I am sick.

I am thankful for a father who will patiently play choo-choos for hours with his grand Salad.

I am thankful for an older sister and BIL who joyfully invite us into their home and turn blind eyes, as we meticulously destroy their house, one room at a time.

I am thankful for a 10 year old nephew whose Christmas list included a robot and a Grow-your-own-Venus-Fly-Trap kit.

I am thankful for a younger sister who threw her self respect into the ocean and ran a kite down the beach on a day without wind, to make her nieces and nephew happy.

I am thankful for a BIL who makes R and I laugh so hard during Scatergories that we often can't catch our breath.

I am thankful for a SIL who wants to keep cousins close.

I am thankful for 2 beautiful nieces, who teach the Salad by example.

I am thankful for old friends who brought me magazines and chapstick while I was on bedrest, who came weekly - coffee in hand - to feed babies, who left diapers and dinners on my doorstep, who bring pumpkin cheesecakes and macaroons, and for new friends who understand that having 3 toddlers can bring you to your knees some days.

And while it seems sad to be thankful for the people who no longer are with me on this journey, I am thankful for the reminder to live a life with no regrets.

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  1. I am thankful for a wonderful friend like you. I am always glad to spend time with you and your cute salad. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.