Friday, January 1, 2010

13 ways to be a better Me

I do not make New Year's resolutions. However, I adore new beginnings. I wake up everyday thinking to myself, "Well, it's a new day. I can be a better mom to the Salad today." And I really do try to do that . . . although I am the first to admit, I know I could be better. So I try again the next day. And so on and so forth.

Anywho, my 9 faithful followers, I offer you my new beginning. In all of it's mundane minutiae. My list of things I want to accomplish. I will try to do everything, not to be bogged down in deliberation of what to do first.

Take life less seriously.*
Find gymnastics class Salad will enjoy.
Take better care of myself.
Design ideal laundry room.
Introduce Beatles music to the Salad.
Clean behind bar.
Find inexpensive free standing bar.
Organize audio/visual equipment.
Remind my friends they are important to me.
Make Julia Child's Beef Bourguinon.
Curl my eyelashes everyday.
Be more dedicated to making Artscape, Inc. a success.
Develop simple preschool home school curriculum for Salad.
Serve my family selflessly.

* Thank you, Indigo Girls, for that sentiment.

There you have it. You are holding me accountable now because I put this out there into the universe.


  1. Love this list--lots of different areas tapped into. I especially love the one about curling your eyelashes :)
    Yes, yes, YES to a playdate--I am going to email you as well so we can pick a date (not too enthusiastic, right?)
    I have ALOT of ideas for a preschool at home type of curriculum...luckily, I have been in MANY preschools, daycares and early intervention classrooms to pick up ideas--let's consult :)
    Oh yeah and here's to new beginnings!!

  2. I curled my eyelashed today in honor of your post.

  3. hey you already made Julia C. recipe so you got one down in January good job gal!