Sunday, January 17, 2010

We had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Lest you think, due to lack of posting, that we didn't celebrate Christmas, rest assured we did. The best Christmas in 4 years in fact. Of course, last year my dad was in the hospital, and the year before that the Salad screamed every time wrapping paper got torn from a present and the year before that I was in the hospital with preterm labor, so yeah, best Christmas in 4 years. And we were blessed to have R home with us for 12 WHOLE DAYS!

We jammed a ton of fun into those 12 days.
We braved freezing temperatures at Hershey Park.
We braved the crowds at Aquarium.
We braved new heights at the Please Touch Museum on 12/31.
But the most important memories are the little ones, dressing up like princesses, the Salad's first experience eating duck, S asking Santa for "the game where balls go in the dinosaurs mouths" (or Hungry, Hungry Hippo, as you may know it), receiving The Gruffalo which has quickly become our go-to book.

I keep remembering this conversation with A while we were sitting in the car in Trader Joe's parking lot. It was a perfectly clear, very cold, slightly windy winter morning. I wanted to stay in the car until Jingle Bell Rock had finished playing on the radio. M was content to look out for the trolley which frequents State Street, S was rocking out to the music with me and A discovered we had parked in front of a bush that was still in bloom with some pretty pink flowers. They caught her eye because they were moving in the wind.

A: "Mommy, see those pink flowers, Mommy?"

Me: "I do see them, babydoll."

A: "Pink is my favorite color."

Me: "I know it is. You love pink."

A: "Mommy, see those pink flowers dancing, Mommy?"

Me: "I do see them dancing, A."

A: "Mommy, are those pink flowers dancing to Jingle Bell Rock?"

Me: "They just might be, sweetie, they just might be."

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