Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because, because, because . . .

I don't want this to be a place where I always blow sunshine and roses up your . . . well you know whats. While we have many crazy beautiful days, we have bad days too. They usually start with A and M rising early and waking S. When S gets woken before she's ready, there is much thrashing about and gnashing of the teeth. She wakes up like her mommy does.

Anyway, it was one of those days yesterday. A and M woke early and were playing nicely, albeit, loudly in their room. They were pretending A's bed was an oven and they were baking chocolate cakes in it. I listened from bed for a while before sitting up with a start and bounding wildly into their room, hoping against hope, these "chocolate cakes" weren't poop. They weren't, but my crazed entrance into the room, startled S awake. She.Was.Not.Happy.

Because of the early wake up call, I wasn't able to shower before our day got started. I had grand plans of painting, stamping, coloring and stickering a 7 foot Happy Birthday banner for my dad's 60th birthday. We made funfetti cupcakes with pink, green and blue icing. We picked up R's shirts at the dry cleaners, bought balloons at the Party Store and had a picnic lunch all before 12:30.

Let me say that some days are bad because the Salad dumps yogurt on each others heads or fights over who gets to wear the Cinderella underwear. But some days are bad because I am wiped out. Yesterday, my energy level could not keep up with my gaggle of soon-to-be 3 year olds. Plus, I was cranky because I hadn't showered. I usually sit for a bit while they nap and watch mindless TV (ie Project Runway, Ugly Betty) and get ready for the second wave. But yesterday, I cleaned up after our morning projects and got ready to drive to my parents and break into their house to decorate for a birthday surprise. I did wash, I figured out dinner, I got their jammies ready for bed, I swept the kitchen, I refilled sippy cups, I cleared the floor in the playroom so we could do gymnastics, you get the idea. Instead, I should have showered.

By the time R got home, I was done. I had given them bathes and am a tad ashamed to admit, I felt resentful that they were clean and I wasn't. I finally took a shower and rehashed how grumpy I had been. I realized it was smart I had waited to shower until they had a chaperon. I think it was one of those days where they would have formulated a plan to cut my toes with butter knives, ambush me & nibble at my knee caps or poke my eyes with pipe cleaners & crayons. Because I had been cranky. Because I hadn't showered. Because they woke up early.

Happy Birthday, Poppy! Thanks for loving us like you do!


  1. We need to get together with the kids...gymnastics?! I have no good ideas for indoor activities right now so I need to steal yours. I am a good friend, eh? I am going to email you though because I'd love to plan some time to hang out :)

  2. Found your blog from TC- very funny. I can totally relate as my trio is 3 months younger than yours.

  3. I had a similar experience Monday night. The hubs ended up not getting home from work until almost 11pm. I should have felt bad that the he worked a 13 hour day, but on his way in he stepped in dog doo and tracked it through the first floor. I had been dozing peacefully in the living room when this happened. I got up to help clean up and stepped barefoot in it. I was quietly irate to have to mop the floor that I'd just mopped at 8am and then get on my hands and knees to clean the living room rug with pet stain remover and paper towels.