Thursday, February 4, 2010


This week we learned about the letter C. We used food dye to Color water. We poured it into trays and put them outside overnight to make ice Cubes. We learned they froze because it was Cold outside. We ate Chicken and Cheese and Carrots and Cashews for dinner. We learned about Cougars, that they live in the jungle. I said they looked a little like tigers, but were solid, not striped. I imagine that's why later in the week, I had this conversation after I got new prescription tortoise shell sunglasses.

Me: "M, do you like my new sunglasses?"

M: "Yes. You look like a cougar."

Me: "A cougar?" Geez, I thought, I'm not that old. Although, I'd be proud if I was and looked as good as Courtney Cox. Wait, how does he know about cougars?

M: "Yeah. Roarrr!"

Me: "Oh, a cougar!"

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  1. Couldn't help but notice they are Thomas sunglasses M is sporting. Sean is still obsessed with Thomas 2 1/2 yrs running now. Stop the madness before it starts!!!!!!!!