Tuesday, January 12, 2010

July 30th, 2009

I wrote this post in the summer and for some reason never posted it. I probably was looking for a picture to post along side. The post still needs a picture, but we got a new computer and I haven't spent the time figuring out how to do so. Rereading it made me realize the amazing thing about blogging. Writing helps you remember very specific moments of life. Not necessarily the big ones, like getting engaged or finding out you have 3 babies in there, but the little ones.

Great things about today:
1. R went into work late, meaning I got to leave the house for a Starbuck's Grande Iced Mocha. Yes. Of course, it was non-fat. And no whip.
2. R got home from work early.
3. R brought me home gravy fries for lunch. I had already had a salad. The lettuce kind of salad. Not the children kind of Salad. I ate the fries anyway.
4. I got to see the Salad ride tricycles for the first time. R found an awesome deal on Kettler trikes on Craig's List. We picked them up from another triplet mom today.
5. When we left the park after "teaching" the Salad to ride said tricycles, A told me she "had a great time."
6. As I was brushing S's teeth before bed, A told me she "luffed my hair in a pony."

Not so great things about today;
1. I accidentally ripped the beautiful old knob from our beautiful old front door. And had to have a lock smith come and replace it with a less nice, brand spanking new knob. Boo on new.
2. It was very hot outside.