Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ides of M, February 15th

Since the Salad has to share their birthday, R and I have celebrated the day each came home from the hospital as their own Special Day. The 9th is A's. The 14th is S's. Today was M's. We asked what he wanted to do and he said go to Paneras for breakfast and then to the Lawn Mower store (aka Home Depot). The girls, R and I were happy to oblige. We played with our Aqua Doodles for a while when we got home, then the girls and I took a short walk up the block while M and R did "boy stuff." After a cheese stick, chicken salad and banana lunch (all at M's request), Poppy and Ian showed up to visit M on his special day. At 1:30 we headed up for nap. I took advantage of the quiet and cleaned out 3 shelves in my kitchen. I was super excited to find 6 year oatmeal and red dye 40 laden KoolAid. Not because I'll ever let those things into my children's mouths, but because there is another snow storm a-coming and I can use them for some crafty type things.
On an unrelated note, A shoplifted for the first time today. Unintentionally, I think. I hope. Anyway, the loot was a stuffed Valentine's bear from Starbucks. The two of us ran back and told the Starbuckians what had happened. Laughter ensued. All is well in our world today.

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