Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

My Fruit Salad is growing like weeds.

M has refused to wear pull ups at night for a month now. And wonder of wonders, the kid has woken up dry EVERY night. Great job, Little Buddy!

S learned how to blow her nose a couple of weeks ago. I mean, really blow boogies out, not just make raspberry sounds with her lips while I wipe. I'm proud of you, Little Bit!

And A. My Little Mama, what empathy she showed me in the car the other day.
Me: "Hey guys, see the ambulance? It has its sirens on. Do you know where it's going?"
S: "To the doctor."
Me: "Yep. That's right, S. The ambulance is taking someone to the doctor."
M: "But why, Mommy?"
Me: "Somebody must be sick or they have a bad boo-boo."
A: "Ohhh. Poor Somebody."

Yet, I still see mistakes they make. And I let them make them, over and over and over. Because they are so damn cute and I love them. So what if M calls cobwebs spider cobs for the rest of his life? I know when he says he wants to put on his "suitcase" to play in the snow he means his snowsuit. And that he needs snow "gobbles" instead of goggles. Is it so terrible that A thinks the term is "nail toes" instead of toe nails? Just the other night, as she dangled her legs between hers and M's cribs, she shouted for me to watch her "tangling!" Or that she wears a "pack pack" instead of a back pack? It's not so far off that every time S sees a balloon she screams, "Mommy, a baboon!"? I feel like if I correct these little mistakes, I won't see any evidence that they were once my teeny tiny Salad. And so for now, I won't correct her when S says, "Mommy, me love you." Instead, she'll get a whole hearted, "Me love you too, S."

M in his "suitcase!"

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