Monday, April 12, 2010

Ode to a Dog

Aunt Jen's doggie Shadow is starting to show her age, having a hard time getting up and down the steps. She's having some health issues too, so my sister called one night about 2 weeks ago and asked us to come over for a visit. She wanted pictures of the Salad lovin' on Shadow, hopefully not, but probably, for the last time. I explained we were going to Aunt Jen's to visit the dog because she wasn't feeling well. I told them it might be the last time we got to see Shadow*, so we should treat her gently and lovingly. Here's how part of that conversation went:

We want to make her happy, I said. Let's talk about how we could do that.

A: "I could make funny faces at her like this." (fingers pulling apart lips, wagging tongue)

S: "Maybe we could buy her a new bowl and fill it with pancakes or french fries or peanut butter or something."

M: "Mommy, I love doggies . . . and babies."

A: "Mommy? When Shadow Girl goes at God will she be with Mom-Mom?"

S: "Will Mugzy Baby go to live with Aunt Jen when Shadow Girl goes to live at God?"

Me: "No S, Mugzy Baby is Aunt Jo's dog. She'll live with Aunt Jo."
We ended up going for dinner, new blanket in hand, to feed her treats and rub her belly. And we were all happy.
*I am pleased to announce that Shadow Girl is still very much alive and wagging as I write!

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