Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunny days are here again!

To celebrate the first day of Spring we painted birdhouses. It was warm enough that we plopped ourselves right on the front lawn and had at them with what seemed like gallons of blue, green and pink paint. It was a great treat, having had a long brutal winter indoors. In order to keep the Salad happy during those days, nay - weeks, spent inside I had to pull out all the stops. Here are a few of those stops:

We melted crayons to make super cool Valentine's.

We took baths on non-bath days just to "paint" with shaving cream.

We went sledding down our front yard.

We made snow men out of cotton balls, snow flakes out of coffee filters and snow cones out of, well, snow, of course.

We poured vinegar onto baking soda to listen to it bubble.

We blew bubbles in our bedroom.

We used food coloring to learn how blue and red make purple and blue and yellow make green.

We cut construction paper with toddler scissors.

We homemade macaroni and cheese and pink chocolate chip pancakes.

We watched daddy use Mr. Richard's snow blower.

We used sidewalk chalk on cardboard.

We painted and built model trains.

We learned how to break dance.

We read and re-read our library books.

We made pine cone bird feeders, covered in peanut butter and 6 year old oatmeal.

We looked at our baby pictures. We took more pictures.

We ate mini turkey meatballs off of toothpicks.

We got tattoos on our bellies. Just fake ones. Geez.

We played cars, blocks, puzzles, trains, catch, and dress up.

We visited Poppy and Grammy.
We built forts.

We made home made playdough with koolaid.

We took naps. We didn't take naps. We went to bed early. We slept late. It's exhausting to keep Fruit Salad content.

And so with a happy heart and weary body, I welcomed spring.


  1. I love all the activities you come up with! And yes, isn't it nice to have the outdoors again without so many LAYERS!! Happy Spring to you and the Salad!

  2. Yes Shadow baby is still with us and getting older and slower by the minute but Shadow truly began to look better when the Salad came to visit, the blanket and the funny faces seemed to work and it was the first time in a week that I didn't have to carry her up stairs..they really did the trick...they really did! AMAZING! Now when she goes at God with mom-mom we still be able to remember the good times, her little red bowl, fists full of treats and lots of snuggles-THANK YOU:)