Monday, November 8, 2010

Space. These are our voyages . . .

Our study of the letter S focused on the broader Subject of Space and all things related. We read lots of books, all of which had to be revised by me on the spot, due to the Shunning of Pluto. Space is a hard enough concept to grasp, let alone dwarf planets. Our library apparently needs to update their Solar System literature. We also did lots of crafts with glitter. Anyone heard that Saying, "Glitter is like the herpes of the craft world."? It never goes away. Seriously. I found Some in S's applesauce bowl this morning. We studied Space 2 weeks ago.

I choose the week of October 18th as Space week because of the orionid meteor Shower. I had delusional plans that the children would nap and then be up late enough that they'd See Shooting Stars. I know. I'm insane. The peak was supposed to be just before dawn. My own eyes have never Seen the time "just before dawn." How did I think this was going to happen? Insanity is my best guess. I Showed them a four Second clip on youtube instead. The wonders of modern technology.

The Franklin Institute has a kid-friendly introduction to Space, a Show featuring Elmo and Big Bird. It Starts at 9:45. AM. Really, Franklin Institute? Where are these moms with Small children that are making it into the city by 9:45? Try 10:30. Then maybe I would have made it on time. But instead we arrived at 10:15. No big deal, I thought, we'll look around in the Space Command exhibit until 12:30 when we can go to The Sky Tonight Show. It should be the Same, right? Except that it wasn't the Same. It was dark. S got Scared and asked, nay, demanded to leave right then.

So we left and I treated them to $6.00 astronaut food from the gift Shop. It was met with mixed reviews.
We ended the week by enjoying a viewing of Fly Me to the Moon, complete with PJs and popcorn.

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