Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Official Initials

We've got approximately 1752 renderings of our family. A goes into the preschool room every single morning to "create". There are a lot of hearts. Some rainbows. Many flowers.  But mostly it's our family. It's fun to see the progression. What started out as unadorned stick figures are now 10 fingered , 10 toed, 2 eared, pony-tailed, spiky-haired, hat-wearing humans. The newest versions have the first letters of our first names, A, M, S, and then an M for Mommy and a D for Daddy, of course. The first time I saw the letters, I asked her about them.

"They are our officials, Mommy."
* Can we all take a minute here to notice that I am taller than R in this picture?  I've always felt tall, regardless of my 5'2" stature.  According to this version, A sees me at just about 6'2", I'd say.  Something about that makes me feel proud.


  1. And how does S feel about being so short?

  2. I love everyones ears! haha