Friday, May 4, 2012

Strict or Slack

A while ago, a fellow blogger had an interesting idea to blog about - what are you strict about? (in the parenting world).  I started thinking about whether I am a strict mom.  And as with most things, I find myself hovering along the middle line.  There are areas in which I am rigid.  For example, I still make the Salad hold my hands when we are crossing any street.  I keep a set bedtime of 7:30, for the Salad.  We have limited screen time.  The Salad knows the shows that I will not allow in our home (Tom & Jerry - oh the violence!, Sponge Bob - the unkind tone!, Yo Gabba Gabba - so annoying!).  We have a clean up time before dinner each night.

But, then there are times when perhaps I fall too far toward the other end of the spectrum.

M dangles from a train trestle.

S drives our van down our street. *

Here, M climbs to the top of a 20' tree.

S drives a Road Roller over A.


* Oh, come on, you guys.  Take it easy.  Of course S isn't really driving.  That's not even legal.  OK, she is actually steering.  But that's it.  She's not working the pedals.  You know, 'cause her legs were too short.  Someone else is working the pedals.  I'm not gonna tell you who, though.  Because it's super fun to imagine M squished in front of the driver's seat pumping the gas with his hands.

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  1. First cocktails and now driving- LOL! My kids would go nuts if I let them steer- they are always asking when they can drive.

    I am trying to tweak my post on this that is still saved as a draft. Maybe I will finally post it soon :)