Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An effort to catch up

How far behind does one have to be in blogging before the outings and events become null and void?  Is it one month?  Is it 6 months?  Because it's May and I'm certain I have things to write about that happened in December.  I think I'll go for it.  The blog will seem incongruous for a while, but since this is the place I'll come to when I'm in my 90s and my mind no longer functions up to specified parameters, I have to do it for posterity's sake. 

Post originally written April 15, 2012:
R has been in Hawaii this week.  I'm tired.  The Salad and I got up 10 minutes early to put finishing touches on our first project for school.  It's for a contest.  Winner gets free tuition for a month.  Well, for one child, anyway.

We read "The Empty Pot" by Demi.  It's a book, set in China, about having the courage to be honest.  We showed a map of China, the Salad made a Chinese Flag and we talked about some symbolic colors.  For a craft, S painted an empty terracotta pot and suggested planting sunflowers seed at home.  For science, A colored pictures of what a plant needs to grow - sun, soil, air and water.  She was really stumped on how to draw the air part.  For a snack, we cut up an orange and spread the segments into a flower shape and used sunflower seeds for the pistils.  Finally, for Music and Movement, we described and discussed the symbolism of a Chinese Ribbon Dance and M made ribbon sticks to dance with.

It was only after "ribbon dancing" at home, that I realized I had once again given preschoolers a bona fide weapon.  Let's cross our fingers that no one loses an eye before the votes get tallied.

That 1/3 month's tuition would pretty much rock.

Coincidentally, I tried to explain what the phrase "bona fide" meant to the Salad.  I told them it meant "Like for realsies."  They got it.

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