Monday, May 17, 2010

Memory: Goose busters

This post was originally written on March 6, 2010

To soak up as much vitamin D as possible we took advantage of Saturday's 53 degree weather and headed down to the zoo. At the children's petting zoo, a goose flew from a ledge, directly in front of M. On his flight down, a goose wing grazed M's head and threw him into a tizzy. I tried not to let him see me laughing while I comforted him.

We stopped at Potbellies on the way home where the Salad had huge peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Oreo cookie milk shakes. Yummo.
After "quiet time" (I am using that term quite loosely) S asked me to do a little face painting. I pulled out left over Halloween makeup and gladly obliged. A wanted Pinklicious' face. S wanted a green butterfly and M wanted Thomas. All 3, so true to form.

Before bed, we played an Olympic inspired game called skeeting. I believe that is a Saladized combination of skiing and skating. It has something to do with poles anyway. It's quite dangerous to witness.

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  1. hi its I, email jen and tellus what skeeting is