Monday, May 24, 2010


We love to picnic. And now that the weather is nice, we can do it outside again! But it hasn't always been that way. We did quite a bit of picnicing on our living room floor this winter. See?
But once April arrived, I was eager to get the Salad and myself as much fresh air as possible. So we went to a local airfield a while ago and had a picnic right next to the runway. I love a good theme, so we watched the small planes take off and land, built and "flew" the model planes the Easter Bunny left in our baskets,
and pretended to fly.
Two weeks ago, we had plans to go to Giggle Gang, but when we got there, we realized I had the wrong date. After a quick regroup, I seized the opportunity to spend the time outside. We went home, packed a picnic lunch and off we went to the park, with Grammy in tow. After eating chicken/cheese stick/grapes/banana chip lunch, we had We ran down hills. We played football, catch, parachute. We went exploring. We laid in the sun. We put lipstick on each other. We saw one of these. We watched a steady stream of dogs prance by. We drank iced tea. We tackled each other for no good reason.
It was one of those days that I often struggle to have. I struggle to forget about the dishes, the dust, the wash, the crumbs. But on that day, I forgot it all. And life was simple, perfect.

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