Thursday, May 6, 2010

One fish, Two fish

Recently, we took a trip to a local carnival that S has been begging to go to since we passed it on the way home from the library. The Salad rode some small rides and I took them all on a roller coaster. We went through the fun house as a family and laughed out loud at the silliness. We fished for sharks and walked away with 2 toy trumpets and a purple dog. R threw a ping pong ball in a vase of colored water and we left the "fun-i-bal" with 3 gold fish.

The Salad was thrilled with their new pets. S named hers Tinkerbell, A named hers Princess and M's was dubbed Track, as in Track Excavator. Anywho, when R and I looked at them the next afternoon, they weren't looking so, um, healthy. We figured the best route was to pre-empt their imminent end. We didn't want to talk about death and heaven, so we said the fish were sad without their mommies. All 8 of us (fish included) piled into the minivan and drove to the reservoir close to our house. We took a picture of each child with their new fish and as quickly as we won them, we set them free. M and A said they were very sad, and their little lips quivered just enough to break my heart. S said she was happy that her fish was happy now and showed me how it swam away, wiggling her little bottom.

Before we drove away, the Salad played Taps on their newly won trumpets.

Fine. It wasn't Taps. But it was trumpet "music" in honor of loved ones lost, so I said Taps. There. Happy now?

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  1. That is both sad and hysterical...I like to imagine that they DID play Taps. I love that you guys make the most of every moment :)