Sunday, June 27, 2010

Study in B

As a continuation of our previous days' study, we went to the Tyler Arboretum to hunt for all things B. Grammy joined us for a morning full of discovery. We headed out with Binoculars and Bug catchers, the perfect instruments for a day in nature. Tyler has a fairy, gnome and troll exhibit happening now, which went largely unnoticed by the Salad. Instead, we caught a Baby Bumble Bee, pretended to fly like Birds, and ate Berries. We tried to catch a Butterfly, but those Buggers are quick. We looked for things that were Black, Blue or Brown. A and M spent a long, long time Building with Branches. Mostly they leaned thin Branches up against other Branches and tried climbing them. My mom, S and I sat and watched in amazement - 40 minutes moving, lugging, running and laughing.
And not one argument.

It was Beautiful.

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