Friday, July 2, 2010

On flying and poop

This post was written June 3, 2010:

The Franklin Institute hosted Giggle Gang on Thursday morning. A man identifying himself as Dr. Lift sent things flying into the air. Paper birds, plastic bats, airplanes, rockets, ping pong balls, beach balls, balloons and even toilet paper soared above the Salads' heads. M actually squealed out loud when Lift pulled out a leaf blower to keep that beach ball afloat.
Not gonna lie though, our afternoon was not good. Stunk, in fact. Here is a list of reasons why:

1. Tired mommy.
2. Constipated S.
3. Strange gas smell (real gas, not constipated S gas.)
4. Late work night for R.
5. Little boy missing his daddy.
6. 2 popped balloons and one balloon that floated away "like a helicocker."
7. VERY.MESSY.HOUSE stressing me out.
8. Lots of futile phone calls.
9. Guilty mommy.

What can a mommy do? Get up and try again tomorrow. Should be a better day. At least S pooped.

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