Saturday, July 24, 2010

D my name is Dinosaur

We studied the letter D a few weeks ago. So Dinosaurs were our guest stars. I was just getting my sea legs back from a month's worth of sickness, During which time our preschool studies took a serious hit.
We headed into the city to the Academy of Natural Sciences, aka The Dinosaur Museum. We had been there twice before, but this time we focused our efforts on all things extinct. We watched huge bones be cleaned and learned about fossils. On our way out of the building, we stopped in the gift shop (which I never do) but was looking for these silly bandz - which I found! When we got home, we ate some Scooby snacks, aka Dinosaur bones and then traded our bracelets with each other. The Salad was Deeply grateful to each other for every trade and much hugging ensued. We also played Hide the Bone and put together a Dinosaur puzzle. To end our Day of study, we made a cool craft out of used coffee grounds. Lucky for my Salad, I have a serious caffeine addiction, so coffee grounds abound in our abode - ooooh that was Difficult to say! Anyway, we made these out of household ingredients and cookie cutters. The only problem we ran into all Day was that the Salad Didn't understand that these were not cookies. More Scooby "bones" solved that quickly, though. After Dinner, we strapped on a present that Ian had given us 2 years ago and stomped around the front yard like Dinosaurs.As an aside, an older woman parked right outside of the museum was pulling away as we were creeping along, hoping against hope I'd find close parking. However, I Didn't see until I had passed her, that she was leaving the Holy Grail of city parking. I raced around the block, only to find her still there, holding her spot for me. She motioned for me to roll Down my window and shouted out "I knew you'd be back! I wanted to tell you, I paid for 2 hours of parking! Enjoy!" and then my parking angel pulled away. It was a random act of kindness that I intend to pay forward.

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  1. Alicia! It's "Susame", and it's also 1:30 in the morning. I decided to check the blog since I finished all of my homework (all A's so far!) I miss you guys so much! Two and a half weeks until I'm home and I'll have you know i've been bleach wiping my dorm like crazy. I see that you're hopping on the "silly bandz" band wagon (pardon the pun) and I love it! Tell the babies I say hello and I'll get in touch with you when I'm home!