Sunday, August 1, 2010

An imaginary "Take that, lady!"

We stopped in Starbucks yesterday and M asked if he could come in with me. He had asked sweetly and been obliging all morning, so I acquiesced, although it brought protests from the girls.

The line was 5 people deep and as soon as we took our place, M started with "I want to go back to the car." Over and over and over. I stayed calm, told him I knew he wanted to go back, but that wasn't happening until we had gotten our coffee. But he kept going, not screaming, not crying, just being a persistent 3 year old about going back to the car.

And then it happened. The woman in front of us, covered her ears, and kept them covered. An adult woman, plugged her fingers into her ears, so that she couldn't hear my son. I scooped him up, not to stop the whining, but because I suddenly felt protective. She ordered her drinks and went to sit at a table with her friend. I ordered my drinks and while they were being made, walked M out to the car and told R I'd be right back. My hands were shaking as I put sugar in R's iced coffee. I walked calmly up to the woman, bent down, and asked for her attention. And even though I felt like dumping my drinks all over her head, I held my voice steady as I told her that while I expected childish behavior from my 3 year old, I was surprised by childish behavior from an "adult". She sat silently, with a silly look on her face as I turned and left the store.

Consider this a virtual dumping of iced mocha over an immature moron's head.

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  1. That is nervey! And I am not talking about YOUR actions, I am talking about the people around you! I can't believe people covered their ears! Good for you for sticking up for your family!