Monday, August 2, 2010

On the way to NJ . . .

We ventured out of state twice in one week, early in July. Thankfully the Salad does well in the car. R and I have chosen not to have a DVD player in the swagger wagon, so I have gotten good at tossing food, books, magna doodles, and cups into the back seats.

On Wednesday, playgroup traveled to the Garden State Discovery Museum. I think we've been spoiled by the Please Touch Museum. This one was 16 years old and the exhibits were well loved. It had the typical exhibits - doctor's office, supermarket, construction site - but it did have a few new sights to see. Namely, a giant light bright and a sporting section. We played basketball, soccer, golf and hockey. S loved every second of it.
We lunched, dressed up like ballerinas and danced on stage for a while, then got under way just as the heavens opened up. It rained so hard, I could barely see out of the windows, but was already on the highway, so we just had to keep on keeping on. We got home safely after 90 minutes on the road. Thankfully the Salad was in a good mood and talked of poop and how they are not allowed to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and that they love yogurt almost the whole way home. I asked each one, what their favorite part of the day had been and without a moment's thought, M said "You, mommy." Be still, my heart.
Thursday, we packed up and headed to the ocean for the day. As a special treat, we met up with the Salad's cousins. We got to the beach just in time for lunch. Once our bellies were full of PB&Js and strawberries, we hit the sand running and didn't stop for hours. We had a great day of discovery, finding shells and tiny crabs. M was so excited when I said we could bring his little crab home that he found. "Oh my goodness!" he shouted.
We showered off at Aunt Nicole's house and then the 5 of us (Gram included) headed to the boardwalk. After a yummy dinner, helicopters, motorcycles, trains and roller coasters were ridden. I have to tussle S's hair to help her reach the height limit to ride alone. She's always been a peanut. Anyway, we picked up funnel cake and Johnson's popcorn for daddy, changed into our jammies and were asleep before we got out of Ocean City. Let me rephrase that - the Salad was asleep - I had to drive, so I stayed awake almost the whole ride home.

I jest, I jest - I stayed awake the whole ride home!

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