Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fire, fire!

We had our most fun week in "preschool" yet. We had lesson after lesson about fire! The Salad loved it. First, we talked about firefighters, how they must be strong and brave. We talked about the tools they use to fight fires, then strapped on some boots and I had them climb a ladder.
During quiet time, I used yellow and red sidewalk chalk to draw flames on the cement and set the Salad to squirt them out with the hose.
Day 2, we talked about fire safety and then set some stuff on fire. Just matches and sparklers, but boy, was it a hit.

Day 4, the Salad was left in the hands of Ian and Aunt Jen, who followed along with our theme and helped them fashion flashlights out of paper and cupcake wrappers.

Day 5, we read book after book about fire safety. No Dragons for Tea comes highly recommended from my little pyromaniacs.

We spent a lot of time thrashing about on the floor, practicing "Stop, Drop and Roll." We learned about "Stay Low and Go." We set up our family meeting spot, in case there was a fire in our house. And as our grand finale to Fire Week, we had a fire drill. A took her roll as "Little Mama" seriously and stopped playing doctor as soon as she heard the alarm, dropped to her knees, and lead the crawl up the steps to the front door, where she felt the door to be sure it wasn't hot. I've never been so proud.

Over the weekend, we took a trip with R to the Fireman's Hall Museum in the city. Many of the exhibits required reading, so it was a bit over the Salad's heads. But, I had prepared a picture scavenger hunt of fire fighting tools. That, along with a small section of books, puzzles, 911 phones, and fire fighting boots and jackets kept us occupied for well over an hour.
Best of all- it was free!

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