Saturday, August 28, 2010

Notes to Self

We had another busy week, making homemade ice cream and eating grape popsicles with my best friend and her cuties.

I am blessed to have a 10 year old nephew who adores his younger Salad and a spontaneous sister who is crazy enough to invite us on all of their summer adventures. So this week, we hiked Newlin Grist Mill with them, traipsing over fallen trees, peeing in the woods, running in meadows, skipping rocks and feeding fish. Note to self - buy more fish food.

I was wound a little too tight that day though and instead of letting the Salad wade with reckless abandon in the water, I was a bit wiggy, warning M far too often that he shouldn't get his Toy Story light up sneakers wet. Of course, here I am 3 days later, feeling Mommy guilt for not letting my 3 year old be a 3 year old. Note to self - those sneakers only cost $12.00 at Target. Lighten up, geez. In true boy fashion though, he managed to get sufficiently wet (shoes and all) while gathering the "good skipping" stones. We tried hard to skip them like Ian, but all efforts ended with loud plunks, rocks flying here and there. Note to self - maybe not a good idea to let 3 year olds throw rocks. Too many heads around.

Lately, A insists on wearing a skirt everyday. She insists everything be pink, right down to her underwear. She sports pink patent leather shoes that she call her "princess shoes" instead of Converse sneakers, like her sister wears. We went through a period this winter in which she wore a pink and purple tutu over her clothes each day. She's a delicate girl, whose feelings get hurt easily. She sobs if she gets a tiny scrape. So I find it ironic, that she never hesitates to get filthy dirty. Soaking-wet-digging-in-the-dirt dirty. She's an enigma, that one.
Note to self - buy Oxiclean.

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