Friday, August 27, 2010


This post was originally written on June 28, 2010:

I'm writing this as a reminder to myself. I had a hard day. I needed more help than I had. I have a lot to get done, in the house, around the house, for the house. But I forgot today that the Salad should be my first priority. Above all else. Anyway, here goes my reminder . . .

I was trying to talk to R about finding him the phone number for the guy to fix our leaky refrigerator. I had 2 VERY WHINY 3 year olds, begging for my attention. I couldn't even hear over A's screaming to be picked up. And M and I had been butting heads all morning long, mostly over his disobedience in the bowling alley's parking lot earlier. But I digress. He was crying to talk to his daddy. I.needed.quiet. So I stepped into the office and shut the door. Immediately, the crying kicked up about 40thousand decibels with A and M pounding on the door. I finished up my call, sat on the office chair and started crying. I told the Salad I was putting myself in timeout, I needed time to myself, without anyone crying in my face. And suddenly I heard a third voice join in the crying. Loud and clear and heartbroken, my sweet little S sobbed "But mommy, you my bestest friend." Ouch. That shot me straight in the heart.

So once again, I am ending my day feeling less than stellar about my parenting skills. Hoping against hope, that even though I have a bad day, even if I have 5 bad days in a row, you 3 know that I love my Salad. You guys are my bestest friends.

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