Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We studied the letter E a few weeks back. This was a hard letter to link to a lesson – we had covered the Earth during Earth Week in April. Electricity is a no go since they’ve been taught since birth that it’s dangerous. And how much can you talk about Exits/Entrances? So, we learned about different forms of Energy. We bought pinwheels at the dollar store and talked about how Wind Energy moved them. We melted ice cubes and crayons outside to demonstrate the power of Solar Energy. We talked about our favorite healthy foods and how they gave us Energy. We drove to a gas station and they watched as our minivan guzzled up gas for Fuel Energy. We did touch upon the topic of Electrical Energy, simply by walking around the house and pointing out the many things that use Electricity to run. We talked about Energy conservation, much of which we had spoken about during Earth Week.

For a field trip, we headed to the brand spanking new Delaware Children's Museum with our friends Peter and Lucy. They have a ECOnnect Exhibit, about clean Energy that I was Eager to show the Salad. As an added bonus, the museum was a comfy 75 degrees, compared to the 102 degree weather outside. Truth be told, it was not a smooth visit. I will now list the reasons why:

1. The Salad got stuck in this Exhibit. They got scared and scattered inside of this giant ball. Then they all cried out for me to save them from their respective areas of the sphere. I was a mess, shirt covered in tears and sweat and we had been in the museum for 7 minutes.
as evidenced by this picture, they did try the sphere a 2nd time and were successful!
2. Someone would not share the canoe with Peter. I gave said someone many opportunities to do so, before forcibly removing someone from the boat into timeout, as someone wailed that there would be no apology to Peter.
3. True to someone’s word, there was no apology.
4. Someone wanted the pink bowl at lunch, which tore another someone to pieces. Nobody got the pink bowl.
5. Someone asked a 18 month old stranger to remove herself from the Engine of “someone’s” train.
6. A got her thumb pinched in the ECOnnect Exhibit generator.
7. My arm was bruised and scraped by a piece of falling playhouse roof.
8. Someone would not dance with Lucy.
9. Someone would not give Peter a high-5 when we left.

The “someone” in the above list is the same someone Each and Every time. I am keeping their identity hidden, though, because this list certainly paints this someone in a bad light, when really someone was just having an off day.

Someone Else had a breakdown later in the day. I really melted down and cried. Er, I mean, someone melted down and cried . . . yeah, that’s right . . . someone.

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