Friday, July 9, 2010

Come Monday

I've mentioned before that Mondays are our down days. We don't have any weekly outings or activities. Therefore, to add a little something something to an otherwise boring day, I took an idea from some mom blogs I have stumbled upon. Muffin Tin Monday! If I have learned anything about mothering the preschool set - it's that it's all about the presentation. So here is how our lunches look on Mondays.
It should be noted that Monday has always been Mani/Pedi Monday - pretty self explanatory - the Salad gets their fingers and toes done. That's 60 tiny nails. Good thing I have a whole day blocked off for it.

It should also be noted that Messy Art Monday has recently been born. An idea conceived by Miss Amy (a cool homeschooling mama in our Wednesday playgroup). We waited until nice weather to unroll this one though. Amy brings a giant picnic table into her complex's common ground and tells 13 preschoolers to come dressed for mess. She provides the idea and supplies and the kids go to town.

And one final note, because we are often around the house on Mondays, we usually do a short preschool lesson in our preschool room. We learn about the letter of the week, read a book, do a craft, practice writing and eat snacks all about that week's letter.
This week we are learning about the letter D. More on our field trip to the Dinosaur Museum later . . .

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