Monday, October 18, 2010

God is where?!

There are certain days we go to the cemetery and leave flowers or rocks or buttons or holiday ornaments at Mom-Mom's headstone. The Salad was only 6 months old when she left us so suddenly and they have never questioned why we go to a rock to "visit" her.

We have never really taught them about Heaven, per say. And while we thank Him everyday for all the great things that day brought us, our talks of God are very simple. God is good. God wants us to be good. God made all things. There are people that we love with God.

So I stumbled a bit during the conversation we had as we passed the cemetery this morning.

M: "Hi Mom-Mom!"

A & S: "Hi Mom-Mom!"

M: "Mommy, is Mom-Mom in the ground?"

Me: "Mom-Mom is with God, buddy."

M: "Is God in the ground?"

Me: "God is everywhere. He's in the ground and the trees and the sky and in us."

M: "How does he get up in the sky?"

Now I'm getting nervous . . . I have no idea what to say . . . I ponder calling R and having him talk . . . luckily the girls take over for me.

A: "Wait mommy, wait. God is in us?"

Oh gosh, now I've really confused them . . .

Me: "Sure, he's, umm, in our hearts."

Silence while they digest this farfetched story.

A: "Well, I don't feel God in my heart."

S: "Me neither. But sometimes, I feel him in my belly."

Ahhhh! The damage has been done, I fear.

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  1. I had to read this again after your comment. This was a good one, for sure. I feel him in my it so much. I guess it's best to keep it simple for as long as we can, right? Somehow I fear the simple doesn't last as long as we mommies would like...but I'll take whatever time I can!!!