Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer Ball!

I've mentioned before that I have a pretty cool husband. Once he actually said when I wanted to put a bid on a rundown house that was 275 years old, "Let's do it! Happy wife, happy life!" Told you. He's pretty cool. And so when I've said the following things to him, he's always been agreeable.

"Hey, you snore a lot. I think you should get this crazy painful surgery."

"Joanna's coming over tonight and we're giving each other facials, Biore strips included. Wanna join us?"

"The other playgroup moms and I wanted to start the kids playing a semi-organized sport, without any pressure, though, you know? I told them you played soccer all your life and you'd probably be thrilled to try to control 12 kids, 4 and under, teaching them rules of a game that I don't even really understand. I was right, wasn't I? You're excited by this, no?"

And so Saturday mornings in October are devoted to soccer "practice." Thanks, my love, you've made your wife happy. I hope I've made your life happy.

Our team, guarding the goal!


  1. haha awesome! I LOVED our facial night that was the best especially when Ron came in with the face mask cream on top on his head and on his face.-Jo

  2. Fantastic!!! All husbands should take a page from his book :)