Monday, July 6, 2009

Rockin' and Rollin' and Whatnot

Two Saturdays ago, my doting husband surprised me by arranging childcare (thanks Mom & Dad) and whisking me off to New York City to see Rock of Ages, a fabulously cheesy Broadway show filled with music that only a child of the 80s could love. And love it I did, from the rousting rendition of Sister Christian right down to the "Hooray for Boobies" tee shirts, selling fast at the concession stands. It.Rocked.My.World. The reason I bring it up is that it was my birthday present.

And today is my 33rd birthday. Thank you very much.

It actually was a pretty typical day here in the Salad's compound. My mom (or Gigi as Sophia calls her) and I took the trio to the mall to ride the "carouself" and then to throw "monies" in the fountain. One bag of pennies per child provides 12 minutes of entertainment. It's the little things at this age.

Then off to California Pizza Kitchen for a special birthday lunch. I had looked up the menu online before we left home, so as soon as we sat, we ordered. My 2 year olds couldn't have been more well-behaved. Case in point? The waitress came to our table about 1/2 way through the meal and asked if there were any plates she could clear for us. M looked up from his plate full of mac & cheese long enough to answer "No thanks, lady."

After a lovely long nap, we headed out back to the pool, where Aunt J, "Unka By" and Ian joined us. They are still testing the waters (pun intended) with the pool, so while they all got in, it was short lived. Although A did think she might like it better "nakey," so I let her try skinny dipping. That was a no go, as well. The Salad ate dinner and when everyone left, I took them back outside to feed the birds. S and A got very involved in their sidewalk chalk art, or as we like to call it "toddler war paint."

When R got home, he helped me give them quick baths* and then we took off to another state, to pick up Mexican food from our favorite restaurant. During the car ride, I gave A a Toys R Us ad to read. She studied it for a long time before announcing to the car that she was "reading some pictures, by her big girl self." Miss Independent.

R wrapped up my hair band themed birthday by having S give me a card that read, "Some time to unwind . . . simply divine. Hope your day is Heavenly." Inside it played this song. Listen to it. It's awesome. I know it. You know it. And someday the Salad will know it.

*Stay tuned for a guest blog by R, detailing 26 minutes in his life.


  1. Oh, I was about to cry with that song at the end. It sounds like you had a really great birthday!!! I am loving your salad stories :) -Jane

  2. love love love reading your updates. you're awesome! :)

  3. Gotta love your husband for giving you Warrant:)