Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raspberries and Memories

Aunt J and I let us tag along for the (tractor)ride today while they went raspberry picking. S and A got into it a bit in the beginning, but 4 minutes in the boy was drenched in sweat, requesting juice and pretzels and to be picked up and for a ride on a choo-choo and to go to the playground, you know the drill, right? It was hot and dirty. But I loved every second, because when we got home, I nestled the Salad all snug in their cribs and now visions of raspberries are dancing in their heads.

As I wiped the dirt from S's knees in the van, it reminded me of something that happened about 2 months ago.

Memory Part Triplet

During the first heat wave of the season, I took the Salad outside with pots and containers and watering pails and spoons and old sippy cups and let them go crazy with water. While we played, R was doing some yard work and found an earth worth. He put it on the patio to introduce it to the trio and before I could stop her, S bent down and kissed that dirt-covered, squirmy earthworm.

My sweet, blond haired baby girl is seriously kickass.

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  1. LOVE the earthworm story and I am ALWAYS a fan of a good nap :)