Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me and my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 9 hours

How cliche of me. I think every good mom blog must have a post titled this though, so really I consider it a rite of blogging passage.

My day started dark and early this morning at 4:35 AM, when R called me down to tell me the front door had been wide open all night. I watched him leave, locked the door and crawled back into bed, happy for 2.5 more hours of sleep. And then it happened. The air conditioner kicked ON which occasionally kicks OFF the dimmed light in the Salad's room. 1/3 of them screamed immediately. The other 2/3 followed suit.

And then we were all wide awake. S asked me to read her the Bible and falsely told me that she had pooped. A cried for the pacifier that Aunt J "broke" and for a blanket that had escaped crib confines. M realized his "monkey" (Curious George) band aid that was covering a fictitious boo-boo on his arm had fallen off during the night and was stuck in his hair. After I took care of all of those things and once again crawled back into bed, the cries kept coming. It was too dark. The batteries on S's aquarium didn't work. I hadn't said goodnight to Coolio (M's Build-a-Bear). Wasn't A's stuffed Sweet Pea cute? Another hug. Another kiss on the lips through the rungs on the cribs. A fallen pillow. A misplaced frog. Finally at 7:30 AM, I gave up and we went downstairs to eat breakfast. More crying. S wants the pink bowl today. A takes this as a personal offense. M wants peanut butter, not regular butter on his blueberry waffle! Milk?! They want juice! A wants to stab her waffle and eat it off of a plastic butter knife. Oh, the humanity!

And so on and so forth until I decide we need to get dressed and get out of the house. I think "Won't I be a nice mommy if I walk them down to the neighborhood park?" Approximately 1 minute into our leisurely stroll, S trips while she is holding A's hand and drags her to the ground. More crying. A bloody arm, a skinned knee, a head bumped on concrete, a wounded ego. M and S crowd around trying to console her with hugs and kisses and gentle patting, but she'll have none of it.

We make it to the park. We see a bunny. He runs for the woods. More crying. Where did the Easter bunny go? The Salad takes off to chase him into the brush. They stomp through and slip in mud. It's more than S can handle. There is more crying. She thinks it's poop. It's on her knees. Her Converse need to go in the "washing maclean". We have to leave. A wants to be carried the whole way home. It's 1000 degrees and an uphill walk.

We make it to our house. They need water to drink. They need tubs. They need lunch. A cries for 30 solid minutes. I'm not sure why. M pees in the potty and in his excitement to show me, he trips. Pee spills down S's legs. More crying. I settle everyone after lunch and sit to read them a story. M pulls A's hair for the first time ever. She screams. I reprimand M and he throws his sippy cup. It hits S in the left eye. She screams. They both want to be held. I try, but A wants no parts of sharing me with S. My head is pounding. I've had more than I can take. I put them in their cribs for naps. A screams. She needs to hug S. I tuck everyone, remembering to say goodnight to Coolio and take my leave.


All this, and me without a


  1. I can relate. Friday morning was kind of a disaster for us. Neila started the day by leaving a smelly present in the kitchen which Colin wanted desperately to play with (yuck). I was trying to get the boys out the door early for the library, but they were being obstinate. Quinn decided pour his milk onto his plate. As I went over to have him help clean it up, I stepped into a giant pool of pee, barefoot, of course (yuck again). This completely freaked me out. Anyway, I managed to clean it up and get the boys fed and dressed. As we were heading out the door, I noticed my keys weren't unlocking the van. The battery was dead. No library trip = three upset boys. I realized it would be a very long 3 hrs until nap time....

  2. This is the type of thing that is funny to read but certainly not fun to go through. Thank goodness they settled for naps- I hope you did too! I am so glad you shared this blog...