Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I so happy!

I love when the Salad is excited.
As A polished off the last of her cheese/cherry tomato/spinach nugget/organic chicken burger/peach dinner, she squealed in her ultra feminine, high pitched voice, "I so happy!" Was it the food or my 100th rendition of Down by the Station I had sung? I wondered, so I asked.
Me: "And why are you so happy?
A: "I happy for Mommy"
Why, thank you very much, little lady. I happy for you too.

S is much more physical with her excitement. And it usually has a soundtrack. If there is music of any kind playing, S breaks into "her" dance - always with a giant smile and bright, blue, laughing eyes. One arms winds up over and over like a softball pitcher, and while her right leg propels her in a circle, her left leg stays straight as a pirate's peg.

My baby boy wants to share his joy with me. What brings my baby boy joy? Buses, mostly. But really any heavy machinery - dump trucks, UPS trucks, tractors, fire trucks, trolleys. Heck, I've seen him nearly burst when a mail truck happens into his view. A boy, through and through, I tell ya. It makes me smile each time I hear his deep, excited "Ma!" from the back of the minivan. It means "Wow, Mommy, look at this trash truck that we stopped next to at the red light!" or "I've spotted a school bus! It's 2 miles away and turning almost out of sight, but it's there!" But that's a lot for a 28 month old to say, so "Ma!" it is.

I so happy.

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  1. Hi Alicia! I did not know you had a blog! We are BIG into "Down at the Station" right now...don't you love the singing, even if it gets a bit repetitive? I have enjoyed reading & am happy to find out that we share this (although, my blog writing is not quite so creative).