Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random reasons why

I adore my husband.

He let M shove a diaper down the back of his pants to stop a

temper tantrum. To spare any embarassment on R's part,
the reason why M thought Daddy may need a diaper shall remain unsaid.
But come on people, let's read between the lines.

<---This is the best picture he took of our Memorial Day outing to the Morris Arboretum. "What's that?" you ask? Why, it's a hot dog riding along a train track, silly.

I took the Salad to Build-a-Bear this rainy morning. They each got to make a $10.00 and pick one accessory. Several times during our bedtime routine tonight, I heard R asking them if they were going to take their new bears to sleep in their cribs with them. He may have been more excited than they were.

I received a rather unusual text from my brother-in-law at 8:50pm. It was a photograph of what appeared to be a 9 foot chef statue, the message asking if we wanted it. I furrowed my brow and continued watching Bottleshock, but looked at the image one more time to be sure I had seen it correctly. R asked what I was looking at and when I showed him, without hesitation, he told me he wanted it. He was only slightly disappointed to find out that it was a 3 foot statue of a baker, rather than the larger-than-life chef, we had originally thought. On Saturday, we welcome the newest member of our family.

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