Friday, June 12, 2009

Afore- Mentioned Number

10 - Number of diapers I have changed since 7:45 AM.

9 - Number of chicken fries in the Salad's Burger King lunch.

8 - Number of minutes it took me to load up Salad into cart at Babies R Us, walk into the store, walk out of the store in the midst of A's monster-sized tantrum because M sat on her untied shoe, and reload Salad into minivan without having purchased anything.

7 - Number of gray hairs produced by afore-mentioned trip to Babies R Us.

6 - Number of barrettes I had to buy at Target (that I didn't want/need) because M tore the packaging into little bits. Truth be told, I really only walked away with 5 barrettes because one fell down the rabbit hole through bottom of cart.

M slid down the rabbit hole!

5 - Number of minutes I debated hiding afore-mentioned barrettes in the toothpaste aisle so I wouldn't have to buy them.

4 - Number of times I have prayed to God today, asking him to help me be patient with afore-mentioned Salad.

3 - Number of toddlers comprising the afore-mentioned patience-draining Salad.

2 - Number of Minnie Mouse big girl undies purchased at the request of S, after stating this morning she no longer wished to wear diapers. Which is good, I guess, considering no diapers were purchased during afore-mentioned trip to Babies R Us.

1 - Number of times I have counted my use of afore-mentioned word "afore-mentioned". 7 to be exact.

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