Monday, July 20, 2009

Conversations between Cribs

A: "Manny? Manny? Manny?" (a close approximation to M's real name, but they just can't get it quite right.)
M: Silence. M is still sleeping.
A: "Manny? You sleeping, Manny?"
M: Silence. Guess he's learned to tune her out.
A: "Manny? Manny?! Manny!" (Panic is setting in.)
M: "Hmmm."
A: "Manny, you awake?" (Pleased as punch to have accomplished her mission.)
M: "Anni."
A: "Manny, you want pasta, Manny?"
M: Silence. The early hour (7:00AM) and suggestion of pasta for breakfast must have him confused.
A: "Pasta. Manny, you want to eat pasta?" (She's persistent.)
M: "Umm. Okay, Anni. Pasta."

1 comment:

  1. I can just imagine this sort of conversation between B & E when she starts talking. LOL.

    Your writing is hysterical!