Sunday, July 19, 2009

All in 2 weeks Fun

We've had a busy couple of weeks, trying to soak up the sun before the dreaded North Eastern winters take hold again. It's not the cold I mind going out in, but the logistics of taking 3 toddlers anywhere when there is snow on the ground or coming down, makes it damn near impossible. I guess I'm jumping ahead a bit though. Like 2 seasons ahead.

I took the Salad to the beach for the day 2 weeks ago. S hated the sand touching her anywhere and wanted to be seated on someone's lap the whole day. She kept calling it "dirt" and asking me to remove it from between her toes.

This past Monday we went with our good friends to the Please Touch Museum. M ran off only once to go back to the Septa bus display, and the rest of the time, I had well-behaved 2 year olds. They sat on big kid chairs and ate every bit of their lunch. I was a proud momma. Maybe they learned from our mishap the week before when A stood on a chair at the "pizza bus" (Peace A Pizza) and tumbled backwards. She scraped up her back a bit, but what really thew her for a loop was that she was drinking a bottle of water at the time and it shot straight up her nose.

We had a playdate on Friday at Linvilla Orchard with our triplet girl and triplet boy friends. I dressed them all in yellow shirts so I could do a quick head count, "1,2,3. 1,2,3." It really screws with me when some other mom has the nerve to dress her 1 kid in our color that day.

Saturday, Pop-Pop came over and we all went to a Freedom Playground event. They brought in tons of trucks and let kids climb on them and push buttons and honk horns. The Salad climbed on a fire truck, an army jeep, a bulldozer, a dump truck, an ambulance, a school bus, a cement mixer. They stood in a snow plow and ran up and down the ramp of a flat bed. Good, loud fun.
And while I do try to go somewhere most days, we spend many hours just tooling about our house.

The surprise hit of the summer are cheap squirt bottles that I bought the Salad at Target. I fill them with water and let them go to town. M usually want to play "hair dresser." My mom taught him how to sit your client down, say "Hello lady," and ask them what scent shampoo they'd like. Then he squirts the girls' hair and pretends comb it, usually with a plastic fork. The kid's got an imagination for sure, but that's another post, another time.

While we were enjoying the sun and water the other day, A took it upon herself to do my toes. She looked up at me with that little girl face and asked me "Mani and pedi, mommy?" She wielded her squirt bottle in one hand and a little paint brush in the other. She diligently squirted each nail and brushed on "polish." I start them young here.

As an art history/studio major in college, one of the things I am most excited about teaching the Salad is to create and appreciate art and color. Although, I think I may be expecting too much at such a young age. I saw this on a homeschooling website I frequent for craft ideas. So while they napped, I set up what I thought we might need to make adorable finger print art. When they woke up, I changed them into art clothes, sat them at the table and preformed a little How-To.

This is the finished product. While the mother in me sees the beauty, the artist sees, "Well, they're certainly no Ed Emberly."

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