Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Buddies

M was asked by "Bett," his "best buddy" from gymnastics to have a drop off playdate at his Nana's house. His first drop off playdate. I am thrilled he has this friendship that is all his own. It is adorable to see it grow, Brett asking to sit next to M at our 4th birthday party, M making sure they had matching orange cupcakes. I mean, this is seriously cute stuff.Unfortunately, I landed myself in the hospital with diverticulitis the night before I was supposed to take him, so R stepped in. I was a bit nervous that M would rather hang out with Daddy or would be thrown off his game when he woke and I wasn't home. However, R opened the door to Brett's, M ran in under his arm and that was the last he saw of his big boy until he picked him up 3 hours later.

I sat alone, feeling sorry for myself, watching the time tick by until I could call and talk to M. I wanted every detail.

Me: "Hi, buddy! How was Brett's?"

M: "Good! Can I go back to Bett's? He had all boy toys! And guns!"

Me: "Cool! What else did you do?"

M: "We slid down the steps! And Bett slid down the railing, but I didn't - maybe next time."

Me: "Ok. What did you eat for lunch?"

M: "Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chips. But I didn't eat the chips."

Me: "That's fine. What else did you do?"

M: "Hey mommy? It's quiet time now. Can I go watch Max and Ruby?"

My sweet boy had dutifully answered all of my questions, but now he just wanted some down time with his "girly whirls." How could I deny him?

Me: "Sure, buddy. I love you."

M: "I love you too."

See? Seriously cute.

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