Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing says "I love you" like a Fire.

After a crazy busy day of gymnastics, a playdate with Seth at Linvilla and a surprise Grammy visit, we relaxed by our chiminea on Friday night.  I surprised the Salad by starting the fire on our porch, giving them marshmallows to toast and hot chocolate to sip.  They must have thanked me 3 times a piece.  They had the same reaction that I would have had if someone had said, "Hey, here's $2000, just 'cause I like you!" 
They had that same reaction when I picked them up from school yesterday and said, "Salad, guess what we're gonna do now - vacuum out our van at the gas station!"  There were whoops and cheers of joys.  No lie.  S did a back flip.  Fine.  That was a lie.  But there were whoops and cheers.

As an example of my ever present fear of the future, I thought to myself "To get that same reaction from a 16 year old, you'd probably have to hand them keys and say 'Enjoy that Dodge Charger I just bought you!'"

I'm frightened.  Can you tell?

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