Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September 18th - September 25th, 2011

That week in our house:

1. M may have dropped a luggage lock into a toilet.
2. The Salad awarded me a star for Speaking Kindly on our behaviour charts.
3. We may have had to duct tape Jesus back to a cross.  A carries said "duct tape Jesus" around the house.
4. We hosted a moving away party for our friends Rithik and Vishal.
5. We went to a birthday party for "baby Thomas", who is no longer a baby.
6. S wore a green skirt, brown heart dress and blue jeggings to afore-mentioned birthday party.
7. A wore snow boots to the same party.
8. The Salad set up their first lemonade stand.  Between myself, R, Grammy, McNulty and our generous mailman, they made 6 dollars.
9. M has taken to using mousse to "make his hair spiky."
10. We took the trolley into Media, where R treated us to breakfast at the dinner.
11.  S took and failed her second hearing test.  Giant hole in eardrum to blame. 
12.  We went to a Greek Festival and ate the most delicious loukoumades.

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