Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Up

Coming up with something unique for Show and Tell each week is hard.  Having to come up with 3 somethings unique is damn near impossible.  We've done a pretty good job all year, too.  It helps that many of the parents forget.

This week was letter W.  S brought in a Wheel from our Tinker Toys.  A brought in a gold Wand and a silver Wand, because she wasn't sure which she liked better.  And M.  He's all boy, all the time.  He asked to bring a Worm, a real live Worm.  And while I am totally cool with the Salad picking up, inspecting, and kissing all forms of bug life, I wasn't sure that a teacher would appreciate a live Worm in her class.  In my mind's eye, I imagined the other 8 girls in the class squealing as M chased them with his dirty Worm.  Pretty sure it would have happened just like that, too.

For Ms. Chrissy and his classmates' sakes, I talked him into gummy Worms, to share with the class.  Ms.  Chrissy said they were a HUGE hit.  Maybe not for her, having hopped 20 kids up on sugar and red dye #40, but Whatevs.  You're only 5 once.  That's your chance to share the Wealth of artificial colors.     

On the car ride home, I asked each Salad ingredient to tell me one other item a classmate had brought for Show and Tell.  I like to see if they are paying attention.  M said a Wallet.  S said a Watch.  And here is exactly what A said, "Like everyone brought in Whales.  No one else brought in any of our stuff.  Score 1 for Team insertourlastnamehere!"

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