Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glimpses of the Future

Last Friday, R took off to get some rest from a marathon 30 hour work day. Of course, such it was that rather than rest, he took the minivan to get it's window fixed, brought home Starbucks (Iced Mocha for me and Banana Strawberry Viviano for the babies), made 37 trips to the potty with various and sundry 2 year olds, and put together the Adirondack chairs that I had purchased earlier in the week. At one point, M was assisting R by handing him tools and I was painting the girls' toenails fuchsia and braiding their hair. It was a glimpse of the future that even from the trenches of toddlerhood, looked pretty sweet.
Saturday, we were invited to our triplet boy friends' 2nd birthday party. We had fun splashing and sliding and riding and climbing. One the way home, though, the Salad got a little rammy and at one point the 3 of them were chanting in unison, "Playground! Playground!" R looked at me with panic and amusement and said "They're starting to join forces to rise up against us." That glimpse of the future, on the other hand, looks more than a little scary.

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