Monday, August 10, 2009

Falls and Firsts

We had a busy week and except for a definite lack of napping, it was a pretty darn good one.

Two Saturdays ago, R and I took the Salad to Longwood Gardens. They have an Indoor Children's Garden where little ones can splash in fun fountains and pick flowers. They ask only that you refrain from splashing in display fountains and picking flowers anywhere else in the facility. We hadn't gotten 100 feet into the grounds before M tripped and fell. You guessed it. Right into one of the display fountains. Fear not, no flowers were picked.
Monday, we went to the Please Touch Museum. Tuesday, my mom and I took them to the Little Treehouse. The Salad had a great time playing with all the wooden toys and snacking on mini soft "petzels" (as S calls them). The day was going swimmingly. Until M kinda had a fall. Scrapping his hands and knees. On the concrete. Fear not, he didn't get hurt. At least, that's what I told him.

Wednesday, R took off from work and we took the Salad to their first movie. We made it about 40 minutes into "Horton hears a Who" before we had to leave. Not too shabby. It was a day of firsts, as we also took them to dine in our favorite Mexican restaurant. They split Pollo Asada. A couldn't shovel the rice in fast enough. She's a girl after my own heart.

Thursday, I went into the office to work for a while and my mom, sister and Ian watched the Salad. They dressed up as pirates, complete with eye patches. Sounded like they had a nice day. Except that S kinda had a fall. At naptime. Out of her crib. Fear not, she didn't get hurt. At least, that's what I'm being told.

Friday, we had a pool playdate in the morning. It wore the Salad out, because they finally took a lovely 2.5 hour nap, during which time I indulged in gossip and an early happy hour with Meglet, my high school friend who stopped over to visit. The Salad loved seeing her, except that A kinda had a fall. Down the steps. Onto her head. Fear not, she didn't get hurt. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

So to recap, lots of falls and lots of firsts. Including the first time I've ever spoken the words, "Do not touch my piano with your penis fingers" and "You may use your sister's foot as a microphone, but I do not want to see you bite her toes again."

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