Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's get our sport on.

I troll the Internet looking for inexpensive ways to spend these long cold days. So when a brand spanking new sports arena started offering morning open play for preschoolers, I called to see what kind of group discount we could get for playgroup. We headed there on Wednesday, uncertain what our morning would look like, but when the doors opened we knew it was gonna be good fun. It was a huge warehouse, with 3 astroturf soccer fields. Spread out on the fields were huge balls, hula hoops, cones, wiffle balls and bats and at least 50 soccer balls. Just for us. But the piece de resistance was a huge moon bounce set up in the corner. Just for us. It was the perfect way to burn off some pent up energy that comes from spending too many 20 degree days in the house.
At snack time, I let everyone know that it was National Popcorn Day and broke open a bag of kettle corn to share. The man in charge of the site gave us juices boxes and turned on Handy Manny. Just for us. I think I mentioned that.

But let's go over the priorities of moms of preschoolers again:

1. The place is not crowded. Check.
2. The place has clean bathrooms. And check.


    Just heard about this place. The playhouse is for 5 and under. Looks pretty neat. Every been here in your travels?

  2. OMG, can I join you one day? Sounds fantastic!