Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Martin Luther Kings birthday found us with nothing to do and great company to do it with. Ian had off from school and Aunt Jen called to see if we wanted to go to lunch. I've had a little place in mind for almost a year that I've wanted to try, so I strong-armed them into crossing the bridge into Jersey. My poor, poor family.

The ride only took about 40 minutes, which would not have been bad, except when we entered the restaurant, we were told we'd have to wait another 40 minutes. OK, apparently everyone else in the tristate area had the same idea that I had. But the place is So. Freaking. Cute. It's called the Pop Shop and is an old fashioned soda fountain/ice cream shop. But here's the thing, the menu is proportioned and priced perfectly. It has a section called Little Squirts for kids under 5, with nothing over $3.99. The best part of the day was Sophia's "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" sundae that she didn't finish. Wink, wink.

That's not really true, the best part of the day was that with Aunt Jen, Ian and Gram along for the adventure, there were plenty of arms for snuggling. My wonderful, wonderful family.

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure!
    Loving the idea of Pop Shop!