Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

We had a low key New Year's Eve with the Salad this year. I let them drink their morning milk out of plastic champagne flutes. That would have been celebration enough for these guys, but R had bigger plans up his sleeve. Around 3:30, he asked me to get warm clothes on the kids, pack a picnic type dinner and make hot chocolate in our thermos. And so I did. An hour later, we were on our way to the city to get a good parking spot for the 6:00 firework show. We spread out a blanket in the back of the van and ate peanut and jelly sandwiches and apple slices for dinner. At 5:55, we opened the hatch of the van and had heated, front row seats when they set off fireworks over the Walt Whitman bridge. When the show was over, we hightailed it outta there before we got stuck in traffic, sucking down hot chocolate to warm our bones.
After the Salad was safely tucked into bed, Ron and I cracked open a bottle of champagne, watched Rocky 17 and willed Dick Clark not to do the countdown to midnight. Please Mr. Clark, it's just sad now. I love you. I will always be loyal to you. But I give you permission to hand over the reigns to Ryan Seacrest.

Happy 2011!

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  1. These are the type of moments that are just PERFECT and the stuff that the best childhood memories are made of all, you and R got some quality time too :)
    Also, I agree with your sentiments on Dick Clark!